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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Elizabeth Hannah
August 13, 1700321York, Pennsylvania, USA9Rutherford, North Carolina, USA
Sarah Abraham
16393831February 10, 167135132Calvert, Maryland, USA
Fred Adams
James Patrick Adams
James Adams
James P Adams
June 14, 1889
June 14, 1889
132Shelby, Alabama, USA
Alabama, USA
Talladega, AL
Martha Adams
1835187Person, North Carolina, USA4
Robert Abner Adams
Robert Adams
March 20, 1921101Wilton, Alabama, USA0September 18, 20091288Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, USA
Sprota Adela
878Bretegne, , Normandy, France
197294Picardy, France
Picardie, France
Elizabeth Adkinson
about 1615
407Chelsea, Middlesex, England
Chelsea, Middlesex, England
4after 1660
36245Ware Parish, Gloucester, Virginia, USA
Ware, Gloucester, Virginia, USA
Aberffro, Malltraeth, Anglesey, Wales1
Margaret Elizabeth Alexander
1670352Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA1April 12, 171830448Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA
Elizabeth Allison
277Prince Georges, Maryland, USA5182319978Burke, North Carolina, USA
Alex Sherman Anders
Clyde Monroe Anders
Clyde Anders
Robert Lee Anderson
Robert Mitchell Anderson
June 18, 1955660June 24, 19754620
Theo Beryl Anderson
March 4, 1937850October 17, 1945768
Tommy Willard Anderson
June 27, 1914107Telfair, Georgia, USA2October 30, 19823968Virginia
William Andrew
March 7, 18751470September 8, 19625987
Anson Ance Andrews
1874148Edgecombe, North Carolina, USA019408266
Edward Christopher Andrews
July 8, 1876145Edgecombe, North Carolina, USA0March 14, 19556778
Edward Thurman Andrews
Thurman Andrews
George W Andrews
John Joseph Andrews
Mary Louisa Andrews
1839183North Carolina, USA8191011271Edgecombe, North Carolina, USA
Susan Andrews
William Henry Andrews
William H Andrews
April 9, 1837185Pitt, North Carolina, USA8September 17, 19348797
William Henry Andrews
March 16, 1800222Edgecombe, North Carolina, USA1January 22, 187015269Pitt, North Carolina, USA
William W Andrews
Mary Ann
Idwal Ap Meurig
Idwal II
Aberffro, Malltraeth, Anglesey, Wales
Pembroke, Wales
199651Penmynydd, Dindaethwy, Anglesey, Wales
Mary D Armstrong
1725297Rockingham, North Carolina, USA8179722572Rockingham, North Carolina, USA
Emily Banks Askew
Emily Askew
Glenda Ruth Askew
Glenda Askew
Mary Elizabeth Askew
2January 28, 1852170
Deborah Astine
about 1650
372Nansemond, Virginia, USA
Albemarle County, NC
Virginia, USA
8173229082Perquimans, North Carolina, USA
Jacob Lafayette Austin
June 20, 1862159Bertie, North Carolina, USA1December 26, 190511643Lewiston, North Carolina, USA
Joseph Henry Austin
Joseph H Austin
Joe Henry Austin
March 12, 1892
about 1893
130Lewiston, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
1September 12, 19358643Lewiston, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Joseph Norfleet Austin
Joseph N. Austin
Joseph N Austin
June 21, 1919
about 1920
102Lewiston, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
0February 22, 19201020Lewiston, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Margaret Babb
1547North Petherton, Time Period, Somerset, England0November 9, 1561
about 1651
Edward Everette Bain Jr.
Edward Everette Bain II
Edward E Bain Jr.
November 1, 1894
November 1, 1894
127Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina, USA0October 30, 1951
October 30, 1951
October 30, 1951
7056Fayetteville, Cumberland, North Carolina, USA
Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA
Betty Beryl Bain
Betty Bain
July 22, 1922
July 22, 1922
99Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina, USA0June 25, 1996
June 25, 1996
2573Sylva, North Carolina, USA
Ida Ann Bain
March 22, 1927
about 1927
95Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina, USA0July 29, 20021975Bryson City Cemetery, Bryson City, Swain Co, NC
Albert Henry Baker
November 22, 1889132Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0July 31, 19645774Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Benjamin Franklin Baker
September 12, 1911
September 12, 1911
110Merry Hill, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Merry Hill, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
0June 2, 1988
June 2, 1988
3376Edenton, Chowan, North Carolina, USA
Edenton, Chowan Co., NC
Betty Mae Baker
Betty Baker
November 15, 195071Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0February 27, 19972546Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Catherine Baker
Chowan. North Carolina, USA
Chowan, North Carolina, USA
Envil Taylor Baker
August 7, 1896125Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0December 26, 1974
December 26, 1974
4778Edenton, Chowan, North Carolina, USA
Chowan, North Carolina, USA
Henry Cullen Baker
Henry C. Baker
April 15, 1869
about 1869
153Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
9March 15, 19388468Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
James Richard Baker
June 3, 1891
June 1, 1891
130Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Bertie, North Carolina, USA
4December 22, 19744783Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Jesse Stokes Baker
January 29, 1903119Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0August 21, 19675464Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
John Baker
Lee Roy Baker
December 29, 1909
December 29, 1908
112Merry Hill, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
0June 29, 1986
June 29, 1986
3576Merry Hill, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Merry Hill, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Mary E Baker
Mary Perry
July 16, 1840
about 1841
181Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
13051Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Rachel Elizabeth Baker
March 17, 1894
March 17, 1893
128Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Bertie, North Carolina, USA
0October 1, 19457651Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Raymond Spurrell Baker
August 4, 1904
August 4, 1904
117Merry Hill, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Merry Hill, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
0January 15, 1986
January 15, 1986
3681Chesapeake, Virginia, USA
Chesapeake, VA
Rosa Bertha Baker
July 2, 1900121Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0June 7, 1982
June 7, 1982
3981Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Thomas Willis Baker
September 21, 1918103Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0January 12, 1993
January 12, 1993
2974Albemarle Hospital, Elizabeth City, Pasquotank, North Carolina, USA
Elizabeth City, Pasquotank, North Carolina, USA
William Henry Baker
William Henry III Baker
between 1818 and 1823
between 1818 and 1823
204Bertie, North Carolina USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Northampton County, North Carolina, USA
17June 8, 1883
June 8, 1883
13865Aulander, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
David Ball
September 26, 1686
September 26, 1686
335Lancaster, Virginia, USA
Virginia, USA
Northumberland, Virginia, USA
Frank B. Ball
August 6, 1887
August 6, 1887
134Madisonville, Madison, North Carolina, USA
Madisonville, Madison CO. NC
0March 22, 1937
March 22, 1937
8549Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USA
Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USA
George Ball
George W Ball
December 16, 1853
December 16, 1853
168Madison, Rockingham, North Carolina, USA1July 14, 1924
July 14, 1924
9770North Carolina, USA
George Jackson Ball
Jack Ball
June 3, 19181030August 24, 19191021Luauda Cemetery, Bryson City, Swain, North Carolina, USA
Joseph Ulrich Ball
June 3, 1918
June 3, 1918
103Self0February 20, 19764657
Kenneth Frank Ball
March 17, 192399Forney Creek, Swain, North Carolina, USA0November 9, 1997
November 9, 1997
2474Urbana, Champaign, Ohio, USA
Urbanna, Champaign, Ohio, USA
Lillian Moquita Ball
Lillian Moqueta Ball
April 14, 1915
April 14, 1915
107Forney Creek, Swain, North Carolina, USA
Forney Creek, Swain, North Carolina, USA
0March 21, 1999
March 21, 1999
2383Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USA
Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USA
Nell Ruth Ball
February 20, 1913
February 20, 1913
109Forney Creek, Swain, North Carolina, USA
Forney Creek, Swain, North Carolina, USA
0October 31, 1994
October 31, 1994
2781Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USA
Sarah Lou Ball
December 20, 1920
December 20, 1920
101Forney Creek, Swain, North Carolina, USA
Forney Creek, Swain, North Carolina, USA
0April 29, 1992
April 29, 1992
3071Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USA
Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USA
William Ball II
June 2, 1641
June 2, 1641
380Barkham Manor, Barkham, Berkshire, England
9September 30, 1694
September 20, 1694
32753Lancaster, Virginia, USA
Lancaster, Virginia, USA
Frances Ballentine
1695327Bath, Beaufort, North Carolina, USA7175426859Beaufort, North Carolina, USA
Dicy Barfield
February 15, 1780242Sampson, North Carolina, USA1184018259Gibson, Tennessee, USA
Ada E Barnes
Ada E Minton
Ada E Minton
about 1856
165North Carolina, USA7February 6, 19269669Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Ann Barnes
about 1754
268Frederick, Virginia, USA
Fredrick, Virginia, USA
9181021256Frederick, Virginia, USA
Charles Barnes
about 1719303Augusta, Virginia, USA10September 5, 1803
before September 5, 1803
21884Frederick, Virginia, USA
Fredrick, Virginia, USA
Zilpha Ann Barnes
January 24, 1853169Wayne, North Carolina, USA1June 21, 19239870
Mary Elizabeth Barrett
August 28, 1857
August 28, 1857
164Sumter, South Carolina, USA9August 31, 1923
August 21, 1923
9866Bishopville, Lee, South Carolina, USA
Alvin Carol Basnight
Alvin C. Basnight
Holly Perry Basnight
Sarah Bassett
392Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA6January 22, 1711
June 20, 1711
31181Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
William Bassett
October 24, 1600
422Sandwich, Kent, England
1April 4, 1667
May 12, 1667
35567Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Ann Bathurst
1613409Lechlade, Cloucestershire, England1168833475
Annie Marion Bazemore
Annie Bazemore
June 14, 1921
June 14, 1921
100Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0November 7, 19982377Suffolk, Virginia, USA
Clement Hill Bazemore
Clement H Bazemore
April 5, 1868
April 5, 1868
154Bertie County, North Carolina, USA4June 22, 1944
June 22, 1944
7776Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Lennie M Bazemore
about 1811211North Carolina, USA5
Linwood Hill Bazemore
December 27, 1912
December 27, 1912
109Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0October 21, 1997
October 21, 1997
2484Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Reddin Bazemore
January 9, 1807
January 9, 1807
215Bertie County, North Carolina, USA15July 15, 1878
July 15, 1878
14371Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Reddin H. Bazemore
Reddin H Bazemore
November 4, 1891
November 4, 1891
130Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0February 28, 1951
February 28, 1951
7159Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Ruby Bazemore
June 12, 1902
119Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
0January 19784475Aulanda, North Carolina, USA
Rachel Belch
1775247North Carolina, USA5180721532North Carolina, USA
Aurelia Belcher
January 2, 1818
January 2, 1818
204Chicopee Falls, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA
Chicopee Falls, Hampden, Massachusetts, United States
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Mariah Louisa Berry
Mariah L Bishop
April 10, 1826
April 10, 1826
about 1826
196Buncombe, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
7February 27, 191510788Spartanburg, Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA
Mary Polly Berry
February 5, 1789233Wilks, North Carolina, USA0April 21, 185716568Haywood, North Carolina, USA
Alice Biggs
1548Benenden, Kent, England1May 13, 159342945Tenterden, Kent, England
Minnie Antonette Bingham
June 17, 18881330July 25, 1926
July 25, 1926
9538Franklin, Macon, North Carolina, USA
Albert Jefferson Bird
Albert J Bird
June 3, 1816
205Burke, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
1June 26, 188213966McDowell, North Carolina, USA
Audrey Bird
C Andrie Bird
Audry Bird
October 18, 1909
October 18, 1909
112California, USA
Benjamin Bird
June 13, 1725296Prince George, Maryland, USA5182519799Old Fort, Burke, North Carolina, USA
Benjamin Bird
264Montgomery, Prince Georges, Maryland, USA
Montgomery, Prince Georges, Maryland, USA
0Oregon, USA
Benjamin Bird
February 26, 1814208Burke, North Carolina, USA7May 5, 1892
May 5, 1892
13078Old Fort, McDowell, North Carolina, USA
Benjamin Andrew Bird
March 8, 1846
March 1846
176Macon, North Carolina, USA0June 7, 1919
10273Burningtown, Macon, North Carolina, USA
Benjamin Franklin Bird
June 30, 1854167Macon, North Carolina, USA0July 7, 191810364Franklin, Macon, North Carolina, USA
Candora Bird
1875147North Carolina, USA0
Cassandra Bird
October 3, 1760261Rock Creek, Frederick, Maryland, USA11August 7, 185117090McDowell, North Carolina, USA
Coley Bird
Doctor Bird
1878144North Carolina, USA0
Eliza Bird
November 13, 18042170Yorktown, Virginia, USA
Fannie Bird
1880142North Carolina, USA0
Harbert Bird
February 5, 1809213Burke, North Carolina, USA11March 1893
about 1880
12984McDowell, North Carolina, USA
Harriet V. Bird
Harriet V Bird
June 9, 1844
June 9, 1844
177North Carolina, USA6May 30, 190211957Old Ebenezer Church Cemetery, McDowell Co., NC
Jesse Earnest Bird
Jesse E Bird
1869153North Carolina, USA0March 26, 1953
6984North Carolina, USA
Jesse Richardson Bird
July 17, 1840
July 17, 1840
181Macon, North Carolina, USA0April 8, 1865
15724Alabama, USA
John Bird
John Williamson Bird II
John Bird
December 28, 1882
December 28, 1882
December 28, 1882
139Whittier, North Carolina
Quallatown, Jackson, North Carolina, USA
2October 9, 1964
October 9, 1964
October 1964
5781Fortuna, California, USA
California, United States of America
Jonathan Lafayette Bird
March 9, 1837
March 9, 1837
185Macon, North Carolina, USA8January 7, 1921
10183Cowee, Macon, North Carolina, USA
Laura Jean Bird
Louisa Delilah Bird
Louisa Burnette
Louisa Delila Bird
Louisa D Bird
February 25, 1831
February 25, 1831
February 1831
191Burke, North Carolina, USA
Lucinda Bird
Lucinda Curtis
February 16, 1800
February 16, 1800
222Burke, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
3April 24, 188813488Fannin, Union, Georgia, USA
Mary Ann Bird
December 1, 1825
December 1, 1825
December 1, 1825
196Burke, North Carolina, USA
Burke, North Carolina, USA
6April 19, 1849
April 19, 1914
17323Webster, Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Rachel Bird
Rachel Bird
Richard Ivey Bird
Richard R Bird
August 27, 1769
August 27, 1769
252Wilkes, North Carolina, USA
Wilkes County, North Carolina
12July 26, 1856
July 26, 1856
16586Old Fort, McDowell, North Carolina, USA
Old Ebenezer Cemetery, Old Fort, McDowell County, NC
Rosetta Prisscilla Bird
November 3, 1862159Etna, Macon, North Carolina, USA0February 9, 19527089Alhambra, Los Angeles, California, USA
Sarah Belle Bird
Sara Belle Bird
Sarrah Bell Bird
Sarrah B Bird
Sarrah B Bird
Tim M Bird
1876146North Carolina, USA0
William Sevier Bird
William S Bird
1865157North Carolina, USA01946
about 1946
7681Union, Georgia, USA
Abner Eichelburger Birdsong
May 20, 1866156Carroll, Georgia, USA0March 31, 19309263Boaz, Marshall, Alabama, USA
Amanda Harrison Birdsong
December 8, 1823198Georgia, USA0January 24, 185316929Georgia, USA
Butler Freeman Birdsong
June 16, 1838183Georgia, USA0
Chaney Broughton Birdsong
April 30, 1871151Sand Hill, Carroll, Georgia, USA0August 28, 19427971Boaz, Alabama, USA
Charles William Birdsong
September 3, 1818203Georgia, USA0185217033Upson, Ga Pg Line, District Of Columbia, USA
Columbus Worthy Birdsong
October 12, 1839182Alabama, USA0February 3, 189013250San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA
Edmund Lowe Birdsong
Edmund L Birdsong
October 5, 1825
October 1825
196Upson, Georgia, USA
12190012274Boaz, Marshall, Alabama, USA
Edmund Lowe Birdsong
E. L. Birdsong
Edmund Birdsong
January 24, 1860
January 24, 1860
162Randolph, Alabama, USA
Georgia, USA
1April 4, 19279567Albertville, Marshall, Alabama, USA
Emilla Ann Birdsong
December 8, 1831190Georgia, USA0Paris, Texas, USA
Freeman Bultler Birdsong
January 4, 1765257Brunswick, Virginia, USA8July 25, 184118076Troup, Georgia, USA
Henrietta Retta Birdsong
1861161Georgia, USA0
Henry Walter Birdsong
October 24, 1883138Carroll, Georgia, USA0October 10, 19447760Clarke, Georgia, USA
Ida Birdsong
1869153Georgia, USA0Sand Hill, Carroll, Georgia, USA
James Birdsong
June 21, 1791
230Dinwiddie, Virginia, USA
13September 16, 186615575Roanoke, Randolph, Alabama, USA
James Christian Birdsong
July 10, 1847174Talbot, Georgia, USA0May 27, 190311855Talbot, Georgia, USA
Jane Birdsong
1855167Georgia, USA0
Jerry Columbus Birdsong
1862160Georgia, USA0188313921Carroll, Georgia, USA
Joseph B Birdsong
January 1864158Georgia, USA0December 23, 190911245Marshall, Alabama, USA
Lafayette Felix Birdsong
August 12, 1836185Roanoke, Randolph, Alabama, USA0October 22, 189412758Hazlehurst, Copiah, Mississippi, USA
Laura B Birdsong
1857165Georgia, USA0
Louisa Butts Birdsong
September 29, 1833188GA, Alabama, USA0185716523Tallapoolsa, Alabama, USA
Mack Birdsong
1841181Alabama, USA0Mississippi, USA
Marie Antoninette Birdsong
February 8, 1830192GA, Alabama, USA0
Mary Elizabeth Birdsong
1849173Georgia, USA0
Mary Upson Birdsong
February 1, 1828194Upson, Georgia, USA0June 1, 189912271Shellman, Quitman, Georgia, USA
Matilida Frances Birdsong
June 29, 1820201Putnam, Georgia, USA0January 25, 183818417Chambers, Alabama, USA
Robert Henry Birdsong
January 16, 1822200Georgia, USA0March 8, 190212080Roanoke, Randolph, Alabama, USA
Sarah Alice Birdsong
April 1851171Georgia, USA0186615614Georgia, USA
Andy Bishop
Daniel Franklin Bishop
Daniel F Bishop
D F Bishop
Daniel F. Bishop
February 1862
after 1860
about 1862
February 5, 1862
160South Carolina
South Carolina
Greenville, South Carolina, USA
South Carolina
6August 25, 1919
August 26, 1919
10257Waynesville, North Carolina, USA
Haywood, North Carolina
Dave B Bishop
David Brown Bishop
April 18, 18851370November 20, 19645779
Eunice Emily Bishop
1884138Jackson, North Carolina, USA0
Frank Bishop
Hanna Bishop
Hugh Bishop
920Normandy, France11020100
Jane Bishop
Joe Bishop
August 27, 1897124Jackson, North Carolina, USA019853787
John Belton Bishop
November 24, 1824197Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA71864
March 26, 1865
March 26, 1865
15839CSA Brigade Hospital, Richmond, VA
Brigade, Richmond, Virginia, USA
Brigade, Richmond, Virginia, USA
John Belton O'Neal Bishop
John Belton Bishop
April 25, 1854
after 1850
168Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA14June 2, 19368582Jackson, North Carolina, USA
John M Bishop
September 19, 18761450August 3, 19249747
Josephn R Bishop
August 27, 1897124Jackson, North Carolina, USA0August 6, 19853687Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Leticia Bishop
Lou Bishop
Lula Bishop
March 11, 18731490September 8, 19447771
Agnes Blewitt
Lottisham, Ditcheat, Somerset, England
Lottisham, Ditcheat, Somerset, England
44766London, Middlesex, England
London, , Middlesex, England
Barbara Blount
September 16, 1792
229Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, USA1November 27, 183618544Mobile, Alabama, USA
Nathaniel Bluett
1808214Stoke By Nayland, Suffolk, England5189312985Polstead, Suffolk, England
Living Bond
Emeline Jane Bonner
November 30, 18501710October 12, 188213931
Cynthia Boone
1800222Hertford, North Carolina, USA4Hertford, North Carolina, USA
Christian Booth
1704318Nansemond, Virginia, USA6
Celia Frances Bowen
Celia F. Bowen
May 31, 1844
177Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
2June 29, 191810374Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Jesse Bowen
March 31, 1804
about 1804
218Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
7September 18, 1890
13186Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Joshua Bowen
about 1770
252Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
3about 1845
17775Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Susan Anne Bowen
Susan Ann Bowen
Susan Ann Bowen
May 6, 1834188Merry Hill, Bertie, North Carolina, USA10May 3, 190711572Merry Hill, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Augustus Llewellyn Bowers
January 23, 1877145Scotland Neck, NC, Halifax County1April 9, 1930
April 9, 1930
9253Washington, North Carolina, USA
Washington, Beaufort, North Carolina, USA
Augustus Llewellyn Bowers II
January 9, 1905117Washington, North Carolina, USA0August 5, 19586353
Baker F. Boyce
Baker F Boyce
about 1830
192Chowan, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
David Ernest Boyce Sr.
David Ernest Boyce
July 30, 1919
July 30, 1919
July 30, 1919
102Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
0May 22, 19833963Perquimans, North Carolina, USA
Edner M Boyce
Elisha Boyce
Elizabeth Anne Boyce
December 22, 1856165Chowan, North Carolina, USA0March 17, 19319174Portsmouth, Virginia, USA
Ellen Gertrude Boyce
September 21, 192299Chowan, North Carolina, USA0November 29, 20031881Windsor, Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Jacob Boyce
1794228Chowan, North Carolina, USA1November 13, 186116067Chowan, North Carolina, USA
Jacob Martin Boyce
August 30, 18531680March 6, 191211058Tyner, Chowan, North Carolina, USA
Joel Baker Boyce
Joel B. Boyce
about 1867
155North Carolina, USA0
Jordan Isaac Boyce
Marie Priscilla Boyce
Marie Boyce Matthews
Marie B. Matthews
Marie Boyce
November 3, 1914
November 2, 1914
November 3, 1914
107Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
1January 12, 1993
January 12, 1993
January 12, 1993
2978Elizabeth City, Pasquotank, North Carolina, USA
Elizabeth City, Pasquotank, North Carolina, USA
Hertford, Perquimans, North Carolina, United States of America
Rebecca Harriet Boyce
Rebecca Boyce
March 14, 1859
about 1859
163North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
0December 22, 19487389North Carolina, USA
Robert Lee Boyce
March 14, 192696Chowan, North Carolina, USA0January 5, 19873560Belleville, St Clair, Illinois, USA
Robert Winborne Boyce
Robert H. Boyce
March 23, 1861
about 1860
161North Carolina, USA0August 21, 19348773Perquimans, North Carolina, USA
Roxie Marrilla Boyce
Roxie Boyce
Roxie Boyce Daniels
Roxie Merlia Boyce
December 21, 1912109Chowan, North Carolina, USA0March 13, 19932980Norfolk, Virginia, USA
Sarah Absilla Boyce
Vannie Ernest Boyce
Vandy Ernest Boyce
Vannie E Boyce
July 22, 1894
July 21, 1894
July 21, 1894
127Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, USA
Chowan, North Carolina, USA
0February 17, 1962
February 17, 1962
6067Tyner, North Carolina, USA
Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, USA
Wilford Vannie Boyce
Wilford Boyce
February 4, 1917105North Carolina, USA0June 3, 1985
June 1985
3668Roanoke Rapids, Halifax, North Carolina, USA
Littleton, Halifax, North Carolina, United States of America
William Norfleet Boyce
Norfleet Boyce
Norflet Boyce
18501721June 22, 19269576Chowan, North Carolina, USA
Elizabeth Brown Boyd
January 13, 1801221Russell, Virginia, USA1May 18, 189312992Russell, Virginia, USA
Clorinda Boyett
1809213North Carolina, USA2Arkansas, Arkansas, USA
Elizabeth Boys
Sarah Bradford
June 22, 1770251Wartrace, Bedford, Tennessee, USA9September 3, 184018170Wartrace, Bedford, Tennessee, USA
Ozella Bradley
John Lawrence Bramlett
Mary Branch
June 1, 1667354Henrico, Virginia, USA5June 1, 173029163Virginia, USA
Henry Brandenburger
Louis Brandenburger
Mary Elizabeth Brazemore
Mary E Minton
September 22, 1846
about 1847
175Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
7June 12, 19239876Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Sue Irene Britt
Sue Britt
Anthony Brittain
1800222Hertford, North Carolina, USA4184617646Hertford, North Carolina, USA
Benjamin Brittain
1761261Hertford, North Carolina, USA2182020259Hertford, North Carolina, USA
George W Brittain
1821201Hertford, North Carolina, USA0
John Brittain
11803219Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Mary J Brittain
1838184Hertford, North Carolina, USA0
William T. Brittain
1828194Hertford, North Carolina, USA0
James Peyton Britton
18411817January 2, 192110180Guilford, North Carolina
Joseph Edward Britton
Joseph Edward Brittain
January 11, 1869153Bertie, North Carolina, USA0June 14, 19546785
William P Britton
1789233Hertford, North Carolina, USA0May 186715578Hertford, North Carolina, USA
Garrett Ashby Brooks
William Ashby Brooks
Benjamin Brown
January 27, 1820202Bertie County, North Carolina, USA5April 186016240Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Benjamin Brown Jr.
Benjamin Brown Jr.
Benjamin Brown Jr
March 5, 1855
March 1855
March 5, 1855
167Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
Bertie, North Carolina, United States
9August 27, 1942
August 27, 1942
7987Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Colerain, Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Benjamin Zebedee Brown
Benjamin Z Brown
May 14, 1893
May 1893
129Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
0May 31, 19715078Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Dewey Brown
October 31, 1900121Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0December 23, 19051165Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Emma E Brown
September 11, 18571640October 12, 188114024Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Eunice Earl Brown
Eunice E Brown
November 23, 1889
November 1890
132Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
0January 18, 19824092Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
George Henry Brown
George H Brown
December 8, 1887
December 1887
134Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
0November 12, 19556667Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
John Brown
Johnnie Henry Brown
September 1871
September 1871
150Chowan, North Carolina, USA
Chowan County
3April 2, 19507278Ahoskie, Hertford County, North Carolina, USA
Laura Ann Brown
Laura A Brown
December 11, 1879
December 1879
142Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
0March 22, 19586478Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Luther Brown Jr.
Luther Brown II
February 7, 1927
February 7, 1926
February 7, 1926
95Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0December 16, 1976
December 16, 1976
December 1976
4549Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia, USA
Whitfield, Georgia
Luthur L Brown
Luther Brown
November 17, 1898
November 1898
123Colerain Twp, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
0September 14, 1989
3290Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina
Ahoskie, Hertford County, North Carolina, USA
Martha Emma Brown
February 22, 1882
February 1882
140Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
0May 8, 19715189Portsmouth, Virginia, USA
Nancy C Brown
December 18, 18521690
Nora Addie Brown
Nora A Brown
August 31, 1895
August 1895
126Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
0January 1, 19655769Rocky Mount, North Carolina, USA
Octavia Brown
Octa I Bumgarner
1883139Jackson, North Carolina, USA019408257Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Sarah Ann Brown
July 2, 1848173Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0
Taylor Brown
Thomas Brown
Thomas Cleveland Brown
Thomas C Brown
January 13, 1885
January 1885
137Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
0March 27, 19655780Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Thomas Watson Brown
November 11, 1844177Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0186515720
William Warren Brown
April 23, 1913109Colerain, Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0January 20, 19893375Ahoskie, Hertford County, North Carolina, USA
Martha Patsy Bryant
1766256North Carolina, USA7181620650White, Tennessee, USA
Lucinda Bryson
Lucinda Bumgarner
October 30, 1828
October 30, 1828
193Haywood, North Carolina, USA
Haywood, North Carolina, USA
9April 12, 192010291Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Lucinda A. Bryson
Lucinda A Bryson
Lucinda A Bryson
about 1857
165Cashiers Valley, Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Jackson, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
9August 10, 19378480Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Rebecca B Bryson
Rebecca Bryson
September 26, 1857
September 26, 1857
164Jackson, North Carolina, USA3March 1, 191410856
Bessie Buchanan
December 27, 19091120November 19, 19418031
Elizabeth Hill Buchanan
Everett Harcourt Buchanan
Everett Harcourt Buchanan
Everett H Buchanan
August 21, 1900
August 21, 1900
August 21, 1901
121Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee, USA
Tennessee, USA
Tennessee, USA
0September 17, 1972
September 17, 1972
4972Glendale, Los Angeles, California, United States of America
H Graham Buchanan
October 11, 18971240February 23, 19388440
Henry Buchanan
October 24, 18411800187914337
John Buchanan
May 15, 1787235Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA8June 29, 183418747Franklin, Williamson, Tennessee, USA
Margaret Buchanan
July 22, 1837184Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA1
Marion H Buchanan
Mary Green Buchanan
Mary Jane Buchanan
September 18, 1839182Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA0November 191310874
Maude Buchanan
April 2, 18781440
Russell Graham Buchanan
May 2, 1876146Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee, USA2February 28, 19319154Los Angeles County, California, USA
Susan Buchanan
July 23, 18561650
W Murray Buchanan
William M Buchanan
April 20, 1809
April 20, 1809
213Davidson, Tennessee, USA
Davidson, Tennessee, United States
10May 31, 1880
May 31, 1880
14171Tennessee, USA
Tennessee, United States
Charles B Buchanon
November 5, 18531680December 28, 19239870
Ephraim E Buchanon
July 22, 18511700
Evelina F Buchanon
May 23, 18441780
George F Buchanon
August 24, 1848173Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA0
Ida Buchanon
John E Buchanon
June 23, 18461756July 15, 189912253
Sarah Elizabeth Buchanon
January 31, 18351870
Daniel H Bull
March 14, 1849173Gvl, South Carolina, USA4October 25, 1930
October 25, 1930
9181Greenville, South Carolina
Gvl, South Carolina, USA
Gussie Bull
James Albert Bull
James Bull
March 28, 1872
about 1872
150Pitt Memorial Hospital, Greenville, Pitt, North Carolina, USA
South Carolina
0April 19, 19497377Greenville, South Carolina, USA
Miriam Agusta Bull
Mirham Bull
about 1867
154South Carolina019239955
Walter Bull
William Bull
May 13, 1816
about 1816
206Kent, England
Kent, Eng
1December 11, 188413768Greenville, S
Charles C. Bumgarner
1866156Jackson, North Carolina, USA0
Charles Holmes Bumgarner
Halmes Bumgarner
Claude Bumgarner
February 12, 1912
September 8, 1908
110Jackson, North Carolina, USA0February 1992
March 17, 1983
3079Whittier, Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Edna Bumgarner
March 4, 19061160March 19893382
Elbert A Bumgarner
1879143Jackson, North Carolina, USA0April 16, 19556776Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Felix Bumgarner
January 11, 1902
about 1904
120Jackson, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
Felix E Bumgarner
Floyd K Bumgarner
Floyd Bumgarner
Frank Bumgarner
April 29, 1881141Jackson, North Carolina, USA0November 13, 19635882Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Hosea Bumgarner
October 17, 1826
October 17, 1826
195Lincoln, North Carolina, USA
Lincoln Co., NC
9December 31, 1880
December 31, 1880
14154Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Hosea T Bumgarner
1877145Jackson, North Carolina, USA019507273Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Jerry Cleveland Bumgarner
John Bumgarner
January 26, 1895
about 1895
127Jackson, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
Lola Bumgarner
November 22, 1911110Jackson, North Carolina, USA0August 10, 19319019Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Martha Dorthula Bumgarner
Darthula Bumgarner
December 1869152Cashiers Valley, Jackson, North Carolina, USA019566686Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Miles Bumgarner
June 26, 1897
about 1898
124Jackson, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
Paul H Bumgarner
Soyrietta Eugenia Bumgarner
Dayarita E Bumgarner
Sayreta Eugene Bumgarner
Martha Caroline Bunch
August 18, 1877144Chowan, North Carolina, USA1October 7, 191210935
Rose Burchett
Caledona Burnett
March 16, 18721500
Henry C Burnett
Fnu Burnett
1823199Macon, North Carolina, USA3189812475
Iowa Pallie Burnett
June 13, 1874147Macon, North Carolina, USA0
Leander Burnette
Leander Burnett
August 5, 1870
August 1870
151N C0
Dreusilla Burrell
Drucilla Burrell
January 1, 1815
January 1, 1815
207Macon, North Carolina, USA15July 20, 1902
July 20, 1902
11987Norton, Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Mary Bush
1672350Isle of Wight, Virginia, USA8June 1, 173528663Chowan, North Carolina, USA
Rose Bush
348Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Chowan, North Carolina, USA
7June 1, 1752
26978Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Sarah Butler
James Butterton
1815207Bertie County, North Carolina, USA1Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
James Hill Butterton
September 18, 1843178Bertie County, North Carolina, USA2August 6, 190112057Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
James Thomas Butterton
May 31, 1867154Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0August 7, 191111044Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Susan Penelope Butterton
Susan B Phelps
September 1, 1868153Cashoke, Bertie, North Carolina, USA11December 18, 1934
December 1934
8766Cashoke, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Florence Pearl Byrd
1868154North Carolina, USA0
John Byrd
1640382Charles City, Virginia, USA1170032260Surry, Virginia, USA
John Byrd II
1670352Bertie, North Carolina, USA5September 13, 171630546Chowan, North Carolina, USA
Marcus Albertus Byrd
June 9, 1851170Morganton, North Carolina, USA0April 25, 19309278Morganton, N C Burke
William Byrd
370London, England6December 4, 1704
31752Westover, Charles City, Virginia, USA
Rosa Etta Byrum
Rosa Byrum
August 28, 1892129Chowan, North Carolina, USA0April 2, 19764683Edenton, Chowan, North Carolina, USA
Ap Cynan Cadfan
350Early, England1
Ystrafael Ferch Cadfan
360Dumonia, Cornwall, England138828
Alice Cadwalader
1597425Isle of Wight, Virginia, USA1161740520
Billy O Brien Cale
September 15, 193091Colerain, Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0June 19734842
Emeline Cale
December 21, 1841
December 21, 1841
180Bertie County, North Carolina, USA12June 1, 1909
June 1, 1909
11267Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Hezzie L Cale
Hezzie Cale
March 12, 1905
March 12, 1905
117Bertie County, North Carolina, USA1July 12, 1963
July 12, 1963
July 12, 1963
5858Ahoskie, Hertford County, North Carolina, USA
Hertford, North Carolina, USA
James Robert Cale
March 15, 1878
March 15, 1878
144Bertie County, North Carolina, USA4January 15, 19616182Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
John “Chief Cucklemaker” Cale
between 1750 and 1755
272Bertie County, North Carolina, USA21792
23042Where Ross Church is built
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Sarah Cale
January 28, 1827195Bertie County, North Carolina, USA14October 12, 191111084Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Mary Catherine Carson
Mary C Queen
April 3, 1831
March 1831
191Scots Creek, Jackson, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
8February 8, 190811476Sols Creek, Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Esther Olivia Carter
Esther C Seuis
Esther Carter Seuis
August 6, 1872
August 6, 1872
149Hampton0January 19, 1952
January 19, 1952
January 1952
7079Roanoke, Rapids, Halifax, North Carolina
Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
Anne Cary
Chief Cashie
Asa Edward Casper
July 16, 1872
July 16, 1872
July 16, 1873
149Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
0February 10, 1937
February 10, 1937
8564Raleigh, Wake, North Carolina, USA
Raleigh, NC, Wake County
Bennie Edgar Casper
Emma Adaline Casper
Emma Jackson Casper
September 1, 19061150December 26, 19724966
Hazel Myrtle Casper
Hazel M Brown
April 9, 1913109Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0December 16, 1997
December 16, 1997
December 16, 1997
2484Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, USA
Jacksonville, FL, Duval County
Duval, Florida, United States
John Lewis Casper
March 22, 1904118019744869
Maggie Annie Casper
August 8, 19011200
William John Casper
William Joseph Casper II
about 1835
187Snakebite, Bertie County, NC
Snakebite, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
13February 8, 1899
February 8, 1899
12364Snakebite, Bertie County, NC
Snakebite, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Louisa Casteel
1849173Allegany, Maryland, USA1September 23, 19319082Farmington, Marion, West Virginia, USA
Happy Jane Castellaw
Happy J. Castellow
October 1, 1828
October 1, 1828
193Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0May 5, 189812469
Amelia Elizabeth Castellow
Amelia Elizbeth Castellow
April 17, 1842
April 17, 1842
180Bertie County, North Carolina, USA7January 8, 1906
January 8, 1906
11663Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Barbry E. Castellow
186Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0
Bertie Castellow
March 22, 1878
March 22, 1878
144Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0April 21, 19527074Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Caroline Castellow
July 17, 1833
185Bertie County, North Carolina, USA1January 12, 1910
January 12, 1910
11273Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Christian Castellow
April 6, 1832
190Bertie County, North Carolina, USA1January 16, 191810485Ledrew Perry Family Cemetery, Merry Hill, Bertie Co., NC
Danny Dorsey Castellow
January 1829193Windsor, Bertie, North Carolina, USA4February 25, 190311974North Carolina, USA
Edward Castellow
September 9, 1887
1340October 1967
October 1967
5480Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, United States of America
Frances E. Castellow
Fannie E Castellow
160Bertie County, North Carolina, USA3April 8, 1934
April 8, 1934
8872Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
George Whitley Castellow
September 30, 1875
September 30, 1875
146Bertie County, North Carolina, USA1July 15, 1959
July 15, 1959
6283Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Harriet Castellow
188Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0188014246
Harriet Castellow
220North Carolina, USA4
Henry Anthony Castellow
June 22, 1870
June 22, 1870
151Whites Township, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
0June 18, 1942
June 18, 1942
7971Caddo, Bryan, Oklahoma, USA
Caddo, Bryan Co., OK
John Redden Castellow
November 30, 1864
November 30, 1864
157Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0September 30, 1910
September 30, 1910
11145Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Lafayette Castellow
March 22, 1874
March 22, 1874
148Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0April 21, 1952
April 21, 1952
7078Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Martha Jane Castellow
January 24, 1866156Bertie County, North Carolina, USA6September 7, 19229956Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Mary Castellow
201Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0November 7, 189212971
Mary Ann Castellow
154Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0
Mathena Jane Castellow
Marthena Jane Castellaw
195Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0188014253
Mattie E. Castellow
Mattie C Perry
February 26, 1880142Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0May 30, 19625982Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Reddin Haywood Castellow
May 25, 1830
May 25, 1830
191Bertie County, North Carolina, USA13August 20, 1909
August 30, 1909
11279Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Ruffin N. Castellow
Ruffin N Castellow
April 1879
143Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0
Starkey Castellow
229Bertie County, North Carolina, USA91860
16267North Carolina, USA
Victoria Castellow
July 18, 1881
July 18, 1880
140Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0March 21, 1958
March 21, 1958
6476Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
William Thomas Castellow
1872150Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0December 5, 189412722Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Elizabeth Caufield
1590432Lawnscreekparish, Surry, Virginia, USA0163538745Virginia, USA
Martha A Chambers
Greensville, Virginia, USA1
Eunice Chappell
Sarah Smithwick Charlton
1682340Surry, Virginia, USA10174527763Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Aaron Cherry
1687335Virginia, USA91788234101North Carolina, USA
Dunson Cherry
1694328Virginia, USA0
Elizabeth Cherry
1688334Virginia, USA0
Erastus Cherry
Frances Cherry
Virginia, USA0
Frances Cherry
Frances Cherry
1692330Virginia, USA0
George Cherry
John Cherry
1641381Norfolk, Virginia, USA1169932358Norfolk, Virginia, USA
Joseph William Cherry
Joseph B. Cherry
1836186Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0190911373Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Lucretia Cherry
Mary Courtney Cherry
1700322Virginia, USA0173328933Norfork, Virginia, USA
Patience Cherry
1690332Virginia, USA0
Rebecca Cherry
Robert Cherry
17492730182020271North Carolina, USA
Samuel Cherry
1685337Norfolk, Virginia, USA0175426869Beaufort, North Carolina, USA
Samuel Maund Cherry
1663359Norfolk, Virginia, USA9May 16, 173428871Norfolk, Virginia, USA
Sarah Cherry
1741281Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0
Solomon Cherry
Theophilus Cherry
Thomas Cherry
William Joseph Cherry
William J. Cherry
William J Cherry
about 1814208North Carolina, USA5
Loomas Totten Chesson
Loomis Totten Chesson
Lomus Totten Chesson
September 26, 1888133Washington, North Carolina, USA21977
March 12, 1977
4588Harker's Island, NC
Carteret, North Carolina
Richard Worsley Chesson
January 6, 1916
January 6, 1916
106Oak City, Martin, North Carolina, USA
Martin, North Carolina, USA
1December 2, 1984
December 2, 1984
3768Virginia Beach General Hospital, Virgina Beach, Virginia, USA
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Sally Sarah Christy
Myra Clark
1808214New Orleans, Jefferson, Louisiana, USA0188513777New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Zelle Claxton
Zelle Windham
August 15, 1895126Kite, Johnson, Georgia, USA0April 23, 19527056Kite, Johnson, Georgia, USA
Bennie Clay
Charlie Clay
February 3, 18991230October 19823983
Eva Clay
George Haley Clay
George Halley Clay
George Clay
George Clay
May 30, 1910
May 30, 1910
111Halifax, North Carolina, USA0August 27, 19853675Rocky Mount (P), Nash, North Carolina
Henry Clay
John Henry Clay
July 6, 1836185Wayne, Ohio, USA1191011273
Joseph R Clay
1871151Halifax, North Carolina, USA0August 15, 19338862Halifax, North Carolina, USA
Mary Clay
Alice Cleaton
May 1898124Bertie County, North Carolina, USA019725073Portsmouth, Virginia, USA
Emmett Adolphus Cleaton
Emmitt A Cleaton
March 4, 1918
10272Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
John Poythress Cleaton
1824198Greensville, Virginia, USA1
John T Cleaton
April 1895127Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0
Mary Louisa Cleaton
Mary L Cleaton
Mary Newsome
November 25, 1889
November 25, 1889
November 1889
November 1889
132Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
0February 10, 1973
February 10, 1973
February 10, 1973
4983Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina
Ahoskie, Hertford County, North Carolina
Mattie L Cleaton
February 7, 1892130Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0February 23, 19725080Ahoskie, North Carolina, USA
Nettie Cleaton
September 1896125Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0
Alexander Cleveland
July 31, 1687334Gloucester County, VA3177025282Blue Run, Orange, Virginia, USA
Alexander Cleveland
Virginia, USA01776246Albemarle, Virginia, USA
Elizabeth Cleveland
February 1727
295Blue Run, Orange, Virginia, USA
Bedford County, TN
11182619698Bedford, Tennessee, USA
Jane Cleveland
1725297Blue Run, Orange, Virginia, USA0176026235North Carolina, USA
Roger Cleveland
1645377Loughboro, Lichester, England1168733542Virginia, USA
Allie B Cobb
Alice Cobb
September 22, 18701514April 16, 1908
April 16, 1908
11437Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Annie Mae Cobb
October 3, 18951260June 19, 1987
June 19, 1987
3491Plymouth, Washington, North Carolina, USA
Plymouth, NC, Washington County
George Herbert Cobb
June 12, 1871
150Merry Hill Township, Bertie, North Carolina, USA0August 15, 1950
April 15, 1950
7179Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, USA
Edenton, North Carolina, USA
George William Cobb
November 26, 1834
November 1834
187Merry Hill Township, Bertie, North Carolina, USA7January 30, 1922
January 30, 1922
10087Merry Hill, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
James Cobb II
Margaret Cobb
233Bertie County, North Carolina, USA3Bucklesberry, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Mary E. Cobb
Mary E Cobb
Mary E Cobb
September 22, 1877
September 1877
144Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Richard Cobb
1562460England, Oxford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland2159742535Holland
William Joseph Cobb
September 9, 1897124Merry Hill, Bertie County, NC0September 25, 1954
September 25, 1954
6757Lilesville, North Carolina, USA
Mabel Codogan
1286Cheshire, England2
380Rheged141030Coilsfield, Tarbolton, Ayrshire, Scotland
Edward Coffee
October 20, 1670
October 20, 1670
351Elizabeth City, Essex, Virginia, USA
Essex County, VA
4November 20, 171630546Essex, Virginia, USA
James Coffee
James Coffey
July 4, 1729
July 4, 1728
292Essex, Virginia, USA
Essex County, VA
11September 1786
23557Wilkes, North Carolina, USA
Wilkes County, NC
Rice Coffee
Rice Coffey
Rice Coffey
April 1766256Amherst, Virginia, USA11July 24, 185316887Wartrace, Bedford, Tennessee, USA
Alexander Hamilton Coffey
January 29, 1803219Wilkes, North Carolina, USA0186415860Bedford, Tennessee, USA
Annister Coffey
1708314Essex, Virginia, USA0180222094Virginia, USA
Austes Coffey
1710312Essex, Virginia, USA017163066St Anns, Essex, Virginia, USA
Austin Coffey
1710312Essex, Virginia, USA0174228032Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA
Benjamin B Coffey
August 26, 1809212Bedford, Tennessee, USA0186415854Scottsboro, Alabama Jackson
Elizabeth Coffey
1714308Essex, Virginia, USA0177025256Blue Run, Orange, Virginia, USA
Elvira Coffey
May 14, 1794228Wilkes, North Carolina, USA0July 10, 184917255
Jerusha Coffey
May 4, 1792230Wilkes, North Carolina, USA0March 10, 181021217Bell Buckle, Bedford, Tennessee, USA
John Coffey
1620402Munster, Cork, Ireland1171730597Elizabeth City, Essex, Virginia, USA
John Reid Coffey
March 27, 1814208Wartrace, Bedford, Tennessee, USA0March 21, 189612681Jackson, Alabama, USA
Martha Coffey
November 12, 1806215Bedford, Tennessee, USA0184517738Robinson, Arkansas, USA
Mary C Coffey
October 12, 1797224Wilkes, North Carolina, USA0October 22, 187814381
Rice Abner Coffey
1790232North Carolina, USA0
Weightstill A Coffey
1801221Wilkes, North Carolina, USA0183718536Tennessee, USA
Dixie Cofield
Dixie R Perry
October 22, 1899122Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0June 20, 19913091Ahoskie, Hertford County, North Carolina, USA
Eleanor Collins
about 1683
339Isle of Wight, Virginia, USA
Isle of Wight, Virginia, USA
6September 26, 1750
27167Brunswick Co., VA
Brunswick, Virginia, USA
John Collins
1569453Maidstone, Kent, England1164437875Maidstone, Kent, England
John Collins
1590432Maidstone, Kent, England1July 15, 168633596Essex, Virginia, USA
Sarah Collins
1742280Bertie County, North Carolina, USA2179023248Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
William Collins
1612410Maidstone, Kent, England1170531793King Queen, Virginia, USA
Betty Ruth Colston
Freddie Morgan Colston
James B Colston
James Morgan Colston
Morgan Colston
0Kite, Johnson, Georgia, USA
Janelle Colston
Jerrald Dean Colston
Johnny Colston
Joseph Colston
Peggy Jean Colston
Sammy Colston
Shirley Vidella Colston
Clarissa Minerva Conley
November 20, 1823198Burke, North Carolina, USA7February 18, 1903
February 18, 1903
11979Old Fort, McDowell, North Carolina, USA
George Whitfield Conner
November 13, 1880141Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0September 16, 1953
September 20, 1953
6872Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Harriet Conner
about 1837
185North Carolina, USA0
Henry Garfield Conner
November 13, 1880141Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0October 16, 1947
October 16, 1947
7466Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
James Duncan Conner
April 14, 1867155Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0January 190311935
James Richard Conner
September 13, 1841
September 13, 1841
180Bertie County, North Carolina, USA12November 11, 19239882
John William Conner
April 12, 1878144Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0May 7, 19695391Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Mary Elizabeth Conner
Elizabeth Conner
about 1844
178North Carolina, USA0
Noah Elmo Conner
about 1805
227North Carolina, USA4186016265
Sabrina Conner
October 18, 1834
October 18, 1834
187Bertie County, North Carolina, USA5January 1, 187414839Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Emma Adaline Cooper
1847175Berite, North Carolina, USA10189013243Snakebite, Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Henry Copeland
401Dolphin Leigh, Dolphinholme, Yorkshire, England
35645Virginia, USA
Henry Copeland
16503720December 18, 169332843Elizabeth City, Lower, Norfolk, England
Robert Tayloe Copeland
James Robert Copeland
William Robert Copeland II
September 10, 1949720December 24, 19982349Newport News, Newport News City, Virginia, USA
Eveline Corbett
Carrie Mae Cowand
Carrie M. Cowand
Carrie Mae Cowan
Carrie Mae Cowan
May 8, 1878144Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0April 12, 19497370Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Fannie V. Cowand
September 15, 1861160North Carolina, USA0
Martha Ann R. Cowand
Martha Mizelle
July 23, 1869
1527December 4, 1957
December 4, 1959
6488Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Virgie Cowand
Virgie Cowand Northcott
Virgie C. Northcott
October 26, 1919
about 1920
102Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
0February 25, 2004
February 25, 2004
1884Guardian Care, Hertford Co, . Ahoskie, NC
Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina
Affidel Coward
March 18, 18951270
Benjamin Coward
January 30, 1816206Haywood, North Carolina, USA0May 22, 189612680Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Bonnie C Coward
Bonnie Coward
Charles W. Coward
October 22, 18741470
Cumile Coward
1890132Jackson, North Carolina, USA0
Della Mae Coward
Della M Coward
Della Coward
Della Coward
May 29, 1904
May 29, 1903
117North Carolina, USA1March 5, 1983
March 1983
3978Anderson, Anderson, South Carolina, United States of America
Anderson, Anderson, South Carolina, United States of America
Edd Vernon Coward
June 23, 1927940March 3, 19734945
Effie T Coward
Effie F Coward
Elihu Coward
213Caney Fork Area, Jackson, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
12188014271Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Elizabeth Coward
1811211Buncombe, North Carolina, USA0Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Eric Coward
July 5, 1887
July 1887
1340January 1973
January 27, 1973
4985Cullowhee, Jackson, North Carolina, United States of America
Canton, Haywood, North Carolina
Fred Elmer Coward
Fred Coward
May 23, 1903
May 23, 1903
May 23, 1902
119Jackson County, North Carolina, USA0March 7, 1971
March 1971
5167Waynesville, Haywood, North Carolina
Waynesville, Haywood, North Carolina, United States of America
Hutson Coward
Hudson Coward
1814208Haywood, North Carolina, USA0187215058North Carolina, USA
James Coward
221Pickens, South Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
10188014279Jackson, North Carolina, USA
James Coward
1753269Dorsetshire, England71814
20861Rutherford, North Carolina, USA
Rutherford, NC
James Beauregard Coward
James Coward
James B Coward
September 22, 1887
September 1877
134Jackson, North Carolina, USA
0March 6, 192010232Jackson, North Carolina, USA
John G Coward
April 17, 1887
about 1888
135Jackson, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
0July 17, 19526965Jackson, North Carolina, USA
John Nathan Coward
John N Coward
John N Coward
March 4, 18791431
Jonathan Coward
1774248Rutherford, North Carolina, USA12185316979Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Jonathan H. Coward
Jonathan Coward
January 9, 1858
164East LaPorte, Jackson, North Carolina, USA6June 14, 1924
June 14, 1924
9766Caney Fork, Jackson, North Carolina
Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Jonathan Coward II
April 10, 1807215Haywood, North Carolina, USA11188513777Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Lillie Anzela Coward
Lillie Coward
Lillie Coward
Lilly A. Coward
January 1871
January 1871
151Jackson, North Carolina, USA
0189812427Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Lyda J Coward
Lydia Coward
Lydia Coward
Margaret Coward
May 17, 1885137Jackson, North Carolina, USA0July 22, 19517066Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Martha Coward
1805217Buncombe, North Carolina, USA9188014275Fannin, Georgia, USA
Mary Coward
1811211Haywood, North Carolina, USA3185017239Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Nancy Coward
1800222Pickens, South Carolina, USA1July 7, 186715467Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA
Olive Lee Coward
Olive Coward
December 14, 1908
December 14, 1908
113Jackson County, North Carolina, USA0November 16, 19922983Bigpine Key, Florida, USA
Orlando Coward
January 18821400
Roberson W Coward
Roberson W. Coward
1876146Jackson, North Carolina, USA018801424Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Sallie Coward
August 18921290
Stephen Coward
July 20, 1789
232Rutherford, North Carolina, USA1December 12, 1868
15379Polk, North Carolina, USA
Talitha Coward
Telitha A. Coward
Telitha A. Coward
August 1839
August 1839
August 1839
182Haywood, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
Talvin Berry Coward
Tolvin Berry Coward
November 8, 1849172Cowarts, Jackson, North Carolina, USA3November 5, 1892
November 5, 1892
12942Florida, USA
Varina Sylvitha Coward
Varina S. Coward
November 4, 1868153Jackson, North Carolina, USA0March 11, 190711538Jackson, North Carolina, USA
William Denine Coward
William D Coward
Wm. D. Coward
April 19, 1862
160Jackson, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
2March 13, 1929
March 7, 1929
9366Cowaits, Jackson, North Carolina
Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Bunion Cowart
October 4, 1906115Jackson, North Carolina, USA0October 10, 19061150Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Lewis Cowart
Lewis Coward
December 15, 1817
204Polk Dist, Rutherford, North Carolina, USA
Ruth, NC
2April 16, 1888
13470Tryon, NC
Thomas Jones Cowart
July 1, 1845176Polk Dist, Rutherford, North Carolina, USA0June 29, 191410768Palo Pinto, Texas, USA
Jemima Crews
1791231Granville, North Carolina, USA4March 9, 182419833Granville, North Carolina, USA
Alice A Crockett
December 11, 1839182Trenton, Gibson, Tennessee, USA0October 24, 188613546Henry, Tennessee, USA
Charles W Crockett
October 19, 18491720
David Crockett
David Crockett
August 17, 1786235Limestone, Greene, Tennessee, USA6March 6, 183618649San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA
John Crockett
268Clarke, Virginia, USA
Maryland, USA
1179422840Greene, North Carolina, USA
John Wesley Crockett
July 10, 1807214Franklin County, TN5November 24, 1854
November 24, 1852
16747Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA
Memphis, TN
Margaret Finley Crockett
November 25, 1812
209Franklin, Tennessee, USA8March 22, 1830
September 23, 1889
19217Gibson, Tennessee, USA
Kenton, Gibson, Tennessee, USA
Margaret Polly Crockett
1812210Franklin, Tennessee, USA0
Mary Elizabeth Crockett
May 3, 1830192Paris, Henry, Tennessee, USA0January 6, 187314942Paris, Henry, Tennessee, USA
Susan Crockett
Susan Tayloe
October 7, 1851
about 1852
about 1852
170New Orlean, Louisiana, USA
Tennessee, USA
3188513733Paris City Cemetery, Paris, Henry Co., TN
William A Crockett
William Finley Crockett
November 25, 1808
213Winchester, Franklin, Tennessee, USA2January 12, 184617637Arkansas, Arkansas, USA
Eleanor Cummings
Elenor Sparkman
Elanor Sparkman
1795227Virginia, USA2186216067Van Buren, Tennessee, USA
William Curren
William Currin
Kilkenny, Ireland0
Hugh Currin
267Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Granville, North Carolina, USA
14November 182319868Granville County, NC
Granville, North Carolina, USA
James Currin
295Norfolk, Virginia, USA
Virginia, USA
9178124154Granville County, NC
John Currin
Kilkenny, Ireland1
Mary Currin
May 3, 1780242Granville, North Carolina, USA0181920338Madison, Alabama, USA
Wiatt (Wyatt) Currin
Wyatt Currin
Wiatt Currin
Watt Currin
233Granville, North Carolina, USA10November 9, 1844
17755Granville, North Carolina, USA
John Wilson Curtis
September 9, 1837184Burke, North Carolina, USA0
Mary Pauline Curtis
March 26, 1804
March 26, 1804
218Burke, North Carolina, USA
16October 14, 1863
15859Marion, Macon, North Carolina, USA
Richard Curtis
Richard I. B. Curtis
April 28, 1841
181North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
Thomas Curtis
October 15, 1791230Toms Creek, Mcdowell, North Carolina, USA3March 28, 187514783
William Riley Curtis
April 21, 1832190Burke, North Carolina, USA0191211079
Aberffro, Malltraeth, Anglesey, Wales
Pembroke, Wales
21MN, Wales
Pembroke, Wales
Clarice Mildred Daniel
Clara Reese Daniel
Clarice Daniel
July 31, 1908
about 1909
113Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama0February 6, 19992390Wynnewood, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA
Hettie Jane Daniel
Hettie J. Daniel
October 13, 1877
October 13, 1877
144Bertie County, North Carolina, USA4May 24, 1928
May 24, 1928
9450Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Mary Daniel
Henry Herman Daniels
October 29, 19081130January 19754766
Gundrada De Crepon
Ralph Robert De Mortimer
1082Stvictor, Pays De Caux, Normandy0Wigmore Castle, Herefordshire, England
Roger De Mortimer
1010Mortemer Sur Eaulne, Normandy, France1109080Normandy, France
Hawise De Valois
Hawise De Mortimer
Wigmore, Herefords, England
Amiens, Somme, France
8Wigmore, Herefordshire, England
Nancy Elvira Dean
June 6, 1845
176Macon, North Carolina, USA8April 11, 1932
9086Bryson City, Swain, North Carolina, USA
Joannah Deggs
Nancy Della Bullington
May 21, 1870152Gasconade, Missouri, USA2February 5, 19279556
Della Taylor
June 2, 1882
about 1883
139North Carolina, USA0December 2, 19715089Fall Cliff Cemetery, Cullowhee, Jackson Co., NC
Benjamine Deloach
John Deloach
Anne DeLoatch
Anne DeLoach
1707315Isle of Wight, Virginia, USA1175027243N, Northamptonshire, England
Frances DeLoatch
Frances DeLoach
238Northampton County, North Carolina, USA
Northampton County, North Carolina, USA
3before 185017266Northampton County, North Carolina, USA
Francis DeLoatch
Francis Deloach
1710312Isle of Wight, Virginia, USA6177025260Northampton County, North Carolina, USA
Martha DeLoatch
Martha Deloach
1704318Surry, Virginia, USA0174827444King Queen, Virginia, USA
Michael DeLoatch
Michel Desloges
1645377Loges, France1171031265Isle of Wight, Virginia, USA
William DeLoatch
William Deloach
William Deloach
344Isle of Wight, Virginia, USA
New Port News, Virginia, USA
Isle of Wight, Virginia, USA
6March 3, 174827470Brunswick, Virginia, USA
William DeLoatch II
William Deloach
1702320Surry, Virginia, USA0176525763Lynches Creek, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA
Agnes DeMille
May 23, 1891131Massachusetts, USA0February 12, 18951273
Agnes DeMille
1906116Harlem, New York, New York, USA0October 7, 19932887
Cecil Blount DeMille
Cecil De Mille
Cecil Blount DE Mille
August 12, 1881
August 12, 1881
140Ashfield, Franklin, Massachusetts, USA
Ashfield, Massachusett
0January 21, 1959
January 21, 1959
6377Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Hollywood, CA
Heart ailment
Henry Churchill DeMille
Henry C Demille
Henry Demille
September 17, 1853
September 17, 1853
168Washington, Beaufort, North Carolina, USA
Washington, NC
North Carolina, USA
3February 10, 1893
February 10, 1893
12939Pompton, New Jersey, USA
John Blount Demille
September 17, 19131080December 19823969Pacoima, Los Angeles, California, USA
Richard Demille
William Churchill DeMille
William Demille
William Demille
William Demille
William Demille
July 25, 1878
July 25, 1878
July 25, 1878
July 25, 1878
July 25, 1878
143North Carolina, USA
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Washington, North Carolina, United States
Washington, North Carolina, United States
1March 5, 19556776Los Angeles, California, USA
William Edward DeMille
18321901September 28, 187314841Huntington, Suffolk, New York, USA
Chloe Denton
Cloey Denton
Chloe Coward
between 1803 and 1809
214Pendleton, South Carolina, USA
South Carolina
10188014272Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Francis Dick
1837185Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA10September 5, 190511668Floyd, Virginia, USA
Malinda Catherine Dick
about 1840182Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA0September 27, 186515625New Port News, Virginia, USA
Mary Dick
Mary A Dick
1827195Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA0October 6, 189612569Floyd, Virginia, USA
Sarah E. Dick
Abner J Dickerson
May 6, 1869153Floyd, Virginia, USA019309260Floyd, Virginia, USA
Fred A Dickerson
1875147Floyd, Virginia, USA0
G L Dickerson
September 9, 1856165Floyd, Virginia, USA018591632Floyd, Virginia, USA
John Dickerson
April 21, 1817205Montgomery, Virginia, USA10July 11, 188713470Floyd, Virginia, USA
Julia Alma Dickerson
1871151Floyd, Virginia, USA0
Mary Jane Dickerson
1862160Floyd, Virginia, USA0
Morrell Dickerson
September 13, 1790231Montgomery, Virginia, USA1November 18, 184917259Floyd, Virginia, USA
Moses E Dickerson
August 30, 1855166Floyd, Virginia, USA0April 8, 19517195Floyd, Virginia, USA
Nancy Ann Dickerson
April 23, 1868154Floyd, Virginia, USA019487479Floyd, Virginia, USA
Roena L Dickerson
July 21, 1873148Floyd, Virginia, USA0
Sarah Catherine Dickerson
September 6, 1866155Floyd, Virginia, USA0
William Dickerson
December 22, 1857164Floyd, Virginia, USA0August 21, 19259667Floyd, Virginia, USA
Agnes Olga Dietrich
Henry Dill
346Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Plymouth, Massachusetts
Jonathan Dill
324Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Barnstable County, MA
1176925371Rowan, North Carolina, USA
Peter Dill
1648374Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA1August 13, 169232944Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
William Broadus Dillard
William B. Dillard
May 14, 1919
May 14, 1919
May 14, 1919
103Jackson County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
0August 1, 1982
July 1, 1982
3963Sylva, Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Cullowhee, Jackson, North Carolina, United States of America
William Garland Dillard
William Dillard
September 24, 1886
135Jackson, North Carolina, USA0January 18, 1973
January 18, 1973
4986Sylva, North Carolina, USA
Buncombe, North Carolina
Saranne Dorsey
November 23, 1875
November 1875
146Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Pennsylvania, USA
1February 8, 19507274Somers Point, New Jersey, USA
Margaret Downman
377Morattico, Lancaster, Virginia, USA
Northumberland, Virginia, USA
9168633641Lancaster, Virginia, USA
Mildred Alexandria Doxey
Nancy Dukes
Gates, North Carolina, USA1
Sarah Durant
March 29, 1695
March 29, 1695
327Perquimans, North Carolina, USA10April 4, 1728
April 4, 1728
29433Perquimans, North Carolina, USA
Ap Llywarch Dwywg
Andrew Gordon Dye
A Gordon Dye
January 10, 1876146Waldo, Wisconsin, USA0
Harold Galpin Dye
Harold G. Dye
Harold Dye
December 25, 1901120White Cloud, Michigan, USA0
Alphonso James Early
April 17, 18771450July 5, 19625985Powellsville, Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Alphonso James Early Jr.
July 21, 1907
July 21, 1907
114North Carolina, USA0August 10, 1997
August 10, 1997
August 10, 1997
2490Snow Camp, Virginia
Ahoskie, Hertford, North Carolina, United States of America
Ann Early
June 1, 1680341Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0June 1, 174028160Chowan, North Carolina, USA
Benjamin Alphonso Early
18241981188114157St Johns, North Carolina, USA
Carlton Lee Early
Carlton Earley
October 21, 1911
110Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
0October 5, 20081396Columbia, Richland, South Carolina, USA
Clarence Early
Doris Early
Freeman Edward Early
July 21, 1905116Bertie, North Carolina, USA0March 20, 19378531Nash, North Carolina, USA
Helen Marie Early
May 3, 1923
99Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
0January 6, 1924980Bertie, North Carolina, USA
John William Early II
1661361Bertie County, North Carolina, USA8August 6, 174028179Chowan, North Carolina, USA
Lillie M Early
Lillie M Austin
January 1894
128Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
Mabel Elizabeth Early
Mable Elizabeth Early
January 25, 1918
104Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
0May 21, 19368618Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Martha Early
Ahoskie, Hertford County, North Carolina, USA1
Melvin Thompson Early
June 27, 1909112Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0February 3, 19893379Powellsville, Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Rosa Lee Early
Vernon Evans Early
October 26, 19151060April 21, 19814165Durham, North Carolina, USA
William Early
June 1, 1650371Chowan, Bertie, North Carolina, USA1170631655North Carolina, USA
William Early
1622400Donegal, Ireland1
James Thomas Edge
James M. Edge
December 13, 1826
December 13, 1826
195Wilkes, Georgia, USA0April 6, 189812471Greenville, Georgia, USA
Joseph Edge
August 10, 1802
August 10, 1802
219Wilkes, Georgia, USA
Wilkes County, GA
4June 12, 1885
July 12, 1885
13682Meriwether, Georgia, USA
Meriwether County, GA
Charlotte Florence Edmondson
October 4, 1882139Bethel, Pitt, North Carolina, USA0March 18, 192110138
Richard E Edwardes
Richard Edwards Edwardes
Richard Edwards
October 1523
March 1525
October 15, 1523
March 1525
March 1525
North Peterton, Somerset, England
North Petherton, Somersetshire, England
Edwards Hall, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales
North Pertherton, Somerset, , England
Edwards Hall, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales
1October 1, 1566
October 31, 1566
October 1, 1566
October 31, 1566
45543Edwards Hall, Cardiff, Giamorganshire, Wales
London, Middlesex, England
Cardiff, Glamorgan, , Wales
St Faith Parish, London, Middlesex, England
Cullen Edwards
1782240Creeksville, Northampton Co., NC2December 25, 1808
21326Northampton County, North Carolina, USA
Northampton County, North Carolina, USA
David Henry Edwards
June 16, 1900121Northampton County, North Carolina, USA1August 4, 1994
August 4, 1994
2794Norfolk, Norfolk City, Virginia, United States of America
Norfolk, Virginia, USA
David Henry Edwards
January 5, 1922100St Vincents, Norfolk, Virginia, USA0June 14, 19724950Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, USA
Eaton William Edwards
1813209Northampton County, North Carolina, USA0June 22, 190012187Northampton County, North Carolina, USA
Hazel Edwards
Hazel M Leicester
November 4, 1914
1070December 7, 19586344Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
James Henry Edwards
September 10, 1834187Creeksville, Northampton, North Carolina, USA0July 21, 188313848Northampton County, North Carolina, USA
Martha Boone Edwards
Martha B Edwards
February 24, 1832
February 24, 1832
190Creeksville, Northampton, North Carolina, USA
Northampton County, North Carolina, USA
1April 18, 191810486North Carolina, USA
Mary Ann Edwards
March 1842
March 1842
180Creeksville, Northampton, North Carolina, USA
Northampton County, North Carolina, USA
Richard Walter Edwards
Sarah Loucaser Edwards
March 25, 1837
March 25, 1837
185Creeksville, Northampton, North Carolina, USA0189113153
William G. Edwards
1868154Northampton County, North Carolina, USA0March 8, 19467678Northampton County, North Carolina, USA
William Thomas Edwards
William Edwards
about 1500
North Pertherton, Somerset, England
North Pertherton, Somerset, England
about 1547
47London, Middlesex, England
North Pertherton, Somerset, England
Elidir Elidir
Ap Meirchion Elidir
11811211Bertie, North Carolina, USA
Julia Ann Enloe
Julia Enloe
Julia A Bird
about 1870
152North Carolina, USA0
Elizabeth May Etling
Lizzie Etling
February 1868
about 1868
154Pennsylvania, USA
Pennsylvania, USA
019269657Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA
John S. Etling
John Etling
John S Etling
about 1836
186Pennsylvania, USA
Pennsylvania, USA
Alice J Eure
Emmiline Eure
Emiline Eure
about 1819
203Gates, North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
before 1860
16241Gates, North Carolina, USA
Lewis Eure
March 8, 17892331182819438Gates, North Carolina, USA
Mary Eure
November 16, 18641570
Mills Caleb Eure
February 16, 18581640March 30, 189312935
Mills H. Eure
December 3, 1821
about 1821
200North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
4December 1, 189113069Gates, North Carolina, USA
Sarah Ella Eure
April 24, 18561660August 28, 19338877
Annie Rebecca Evans
Annie R Baker
1469May 6, 1948
7472Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Levenia Olivia Evans
Levenia Evans
October 6, 18821390April 27, 19665683
Maggie Annie Evans
October 27, 1880141Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0March 24, 1954
March 24, 1954
6873Barnwell, South Carolina, USA
Barnwell County, SC
Susan Everett
Susan Buchanan
August 19, 1813208Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA10April 12, 189213078Davidson, Tennessee, USA
Glenda Marie Fann
Leandas Polk Felton
Leonidas Polk Felton
January 21, 1895
about 1895
127North Carolina, USA0January 3, 19517155
Robert R Felton
William Britton Felton
April 19, 18531691February 22, 190711553
Isabel de Ferrers
Oakham, Rutlandshire, England
Wigmore, Herefordshire, England
2before May 31, 1252
80St John Hsptl, Lechlade, Gloucestershire, England
Milisent de Ferrers
before 1086
Wigmore, Herefordshire, England
Wigmore, Hereford, England
2March 30, 10882England
Abner Field
1752270St Marks Parish, Culpepper, Virginia, USA1183119179Jefferson, Kentucky, USA
Davis L Field
October 12, 1843178Jeffersonville, Clark, Indiana, USA0
John Speed Field
Mary Field
February 3, 1679
343Henrico, Virginia, USA
Henrico, Virginia, USA
1August 13, 171530636Henrico, Virginia, USA
Nordan Field
Penelope Field
Nathaniel Fields
about 1728
297Hanover, Virginia, USA8April 1, 1777
April 1, 1777
24552Guilford, North Carolina, USA
In the Rev. War
William Fields
1760262Hanover, Virginia, USA
Hanover County, VA
0182020260Smith, Tennessee, USA
Ann Filgo
272North Carolina, USA
North Carolina, USA
Mary Finley
Mary Polly Finley
Mary Polly Finley
1788234Hamblen, Tennessee, USA31815
20727Beans Creek, Franklin, Tennessee, USA
Dies after birth of second child
Beans Creek, Franklin, Tennessee, USA
Frances Finn
July 1, 1768253York, Virginia, USA8October 28, 182519657Georgia, USA
Mary A Fitt
Francis Fleetwood
about 1736286Bertie County, North Carolina, USA0176925333Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
William Fleetwood
1696326Bertie County, North Carolina, USA18June 12, 176925273Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Margaret C. Flint
Margaret Edge
Margaret Edge
221Wilkes, Georgia, USA4188613685Meriwether, Georgia, USA
David Finley Flowers
August 25, 1844177Gibson, Tennessee, USA0October 10, 19249780Shamrock, Wheeler, Texas, USA
Harriet Flowers
March 2, 1830192Franklin, Williamson, Tennessee, USA0February 11, 189013259Gibson, Tennessee, USA
Henry Flowers
1785237Virginia, USA1185416869Gibson, Tennessee, USA
John W Flowers
January 15, 1854168Kenton, Obion, Tennessee, USA0188214027Kenton, Obion, Tennessee, USA
Maria Louisa Flowers
May 23, 1838184Gibson, Tennessee, USA0184917310Gibson, Tennessee, USA
Martha Matilda Flowers
June 23, 1835186Gibson, Tennessee, USA0
Mary Elvira Flowers
March 19, 1831191Gibson, Tennessee, USA0
Mary Mathilda Flowers
June 23, 18351860
Sarah Ann Flowers
March 1, 1847175Gibson, Tennessee, USA0
Wiley Flowers
July 17, 1805216North Carolina, USA8November 16, 186815363Kenton, Gibson, Tennessee, USA
Roland Braxton Flythe
1821201Severn, Northampton County, North Carolina, USA4May 19, 188214061North Carolina, USA
Nancy Forehand
December 1802219Tyner, Chowan, North Carolina, USA2October 1, 189113088Chowan, North Carolina, USA
Louisa Foster
November 2, 1756265Kingston, Mathews, Virginia, USA11180122144
Alfred Fowler
1808214South Carolina, USA1Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Deitz Fowler
February 5, 1894128North Carolina, USA0January 11, 19665671Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Herbert Leach Fowler
April 8, 1899123Jackson, North Carolina, USA0October 5, 19477448Jackson, North Carolina, USA
James Freeman Fowler
April 3, 1883139Jackson, North Carolina, USA0December 25, 19507167Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Joseph Nelson Fowler
November 25, 1877
November 25, 1877
144Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Jackson, North Carolina, USA
0June 2, 19239845Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Julia Fowler
May 1879
May 1879
143Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Martha Jane Fowler
January 26, 1849173Greenville, South Carolina, USA4October 21, 189512646Gvl, South Carolina, USA
Mary Nancy Fowler
May 8, 1880
142Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Jackson, North Carolina, USA
0July 10, 19616081Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Percy Fowler
February 20, 1891131Macon, North Carolina, USA0October 25, 19625971Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Taylor Andrew Fowler
July 29, 1888133Jackson, North Carolina, USA0August 14, 19536865Jackson, North Carolina, USA
William Fowler
September 3, 1885136Jackson, North Carolina, USA0June 14, 19655679Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Zachariah Taylor Fowler
Z T Fowler
March 19, 1849
about 1850
173Oconee, South Carolina, USA
South Carolina
9May 21, 19378588Glenville, Jackson, North Carolina, USA
Mary Polly Franks
Martha Freeman
February 7, 1869
February 7, 1869
153Bertie County, North Carolina, USA5April 2, 1917
April 21, 1917
10548Bertie County, North Carolina, USA
Benjamin Daniel Freuler
Benjimon D Freuler
October 1870151North Carolina, USA1July 21, 1945
July 15, 1945
7674Halifax, North Carolina
Halifax Cty, North Carolina, USA
Margaret Fridley